Monday, June 11, 2007

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Table of Contents

Scene 1: Current River Woman Remembers
Knot of Blue and Gray Ballad: “ KNOT OF BLUE AND GRAY” by Current River Woman
Current River Woman

Scene 2: 1861 -- Dinner on the Grounds
Narrator (J. J. Chilton - Age 72)
J. J. Chilton – Age 3
Thomas Boggs Chilton – Age 75
Ballad: “TALE OF WIND RIVER” by young Thomas Boggs Chilton & young William Mahan
Aunt Betsy Chilton
Senator Joshua Chilton
Rebel in the Woods Ballad: “THE REBEL IN THE WOODS” by Soldier Quartet (Verse 2 & Chorus)
Alexander Chilton
Elizabeth Davis

Scene 3: 1861 -- A Call To Arms
War in Missouri in '61 Ballad: “The War in Missouri in ’61”, by Soldier Quartet
Confederate General Sterling Price
Missouri, Bright Land of the West Ballad: “MISSOURI, BRIGHT LAND OF THE WEST” by Confederate General Sterling Price

Scene 4: 1862 -- Battle of Wilson’s Creek
The Death of Lyon Ballad: “THE DEATH OF GENERAL LYON” by Soldier’s Quartet
Shelby's Mule Ballad: “SHELBY’S MULE” by Soldier Quartet

Scene 5: 1862 – Tragedy of Eleven
Guard 1
Senator Joshua Chilton
Guard 2
Alexander Chilton
Anderson's Warning Ballad: “ANDERSON’S WARNING” by Capt. William Anderson, Alexander Chilton, Charles T. Chilton, and Jack Smith


Scene 6: 1863 -- Blue & Gray Cross Current
Johnny Whistletrigger Ballad: “JOHHNY WHISTLE TRIGGER” by Jefferson Lewis

Scene 7: 1863 -- Rebels in the Woods
Mrs. McDowell
Soldier 1
Soldier 2
Loon’s Sweetheart
Rebel in the Woods Ballad: “REBEL IN THE WOODS” by Loon Chitty and his Sweetheart

Scene 8: 1863-1865 – Strength and Courage
Quantrill Side Ballad: “Quantrill side” by Alexander Chilton & Soldier Quartet

Scene 9: 1863-65 -- Boyd’s Report
Federal Lieut. John W. Boyd

Scene 10: 1865 – Fallen Flowers
Ballad: “FALLEN FLOWERS” by Nelson Chilton & Aunt Betsy Chilton

Scene 11: Winter 1865 -- Guerrillas, Bushwhackers, and Outlaws
Jefferson Lewis Jesse James
Jesse James Ballad: “JESSE JAMES” by Jefferson Lewis

Scene 12: 1867 – Alex & Lizzie
Aunt Betsy
Alexander Chilton
Elizabeth Davis
Ballad: “LOVE CAME AROUND” by Alexander Chilton & Elizabeth Davis

Scene 13: 1867 -- Onward
Alexander Deatherage
Loon Chitty
T.J. Chilton
George Davis

Scene 14: Love and Letters
Alexander Chilton
Elizabeth Davis
Kate's Song Ballad: “Lizzie’s Song” by Elizabeth Davis

Scene 15: Freedom
Soldier 1
Alexander Chilton
George Davis
Jefferson Lewis
Cast & Audience
Ballad: “FREEDOM” by Alexander Chilton & Cast

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